Sunday League XI Season Highlights

by Pat Steward

These highlights show how much success and fun the Sunday XI has had in the South Devon League this season. They also show how much value has been added to the Club’s young players – I’ve tried to use as many teenagers as possible every week.

The highlights, for me, were:

Mike Wilkinson (109) and Rob Holman (102) putting on 202 v Plympton, then Marcus Hoddinott (24) outscoring them both and doing his Chuck Norris impression (0/41 off 5 overs) in the same game.

Will Steward’s 68 v Brixham, brought to an end by a failed effort at a switch hit!, and 78 n.o. to win the return game v Stokeinteignhead.

Rich Nelsey (26) feeling sick, the day after his birthday, because he was being outscored by Will Wells (17) – half his height, but getting twice the distance!

Miles Lenygon trying to find a hiding place (for the second time in 12 hours!), whilst batting, as a police car pulled up to watch the game at Brixham.

Joseph Fanous’ diving left handed catch at cover point and Theo Thomson’s 3/28 in 8 overs to help us win the game against Brixham.

Callum Still’s 0 for 62 off 7 overs v Torquay, having been abused by the crowd for spoiling the game by hitting leg side full tosses for 6 (on his way to 92 n.o.).

Will Well’s shot for 4 through the covers to score the winning runs against Torquay and his 33 n.o. v Chudleigh – this year the spinner has turned all-rounder.

Tor Zeigler-Evans Scrooge-like opening spells v Stokeinteignhead (2 for 5 in 6 overs) and v Chudleigh (2 for 20 in 6 overs)

Jack Richardson’s success ... as an opening bat in the two games v Stokeinteignhead (22 and 34 n.o.)

Tom Poustie’s speed in the field and runs v Brixham (26)

Callum Still’s wander down the wicket, and miss, on 99 (see Video section of the website). On an unrelated matter Cameron Grainger running one short whilst Callum was on strike. Do the math!

James Vanstone’s opening spell against Brixham – 2 for 27 from 6 overs.

Sam Reddick’s 49 v Chudleigh and 57 v Torquay, with 2 x 6’s and 17 x 4s in total.

Lucian Cawthron scoring 44 v Chudleigh and 50 v Paignton.

Yodhan Sachev being unplayable v Chudleigh and taking 4 for 7 off 8 overs.

Matt Medway’s only slightly unusual dismissal v Torquay, when he smashed the ball onto the bowler’s knee only to see it ricochet 30 metres to midwicket.

Matt Williamson’s game changing spell of 3/26 off 6 overs v Torquay.

Merrick Steward scoring 53 n.o. v Plympton, with just 4 runs scored on the off side ... and two of those were from a nick past the ‘keeper!

Matt Reeves guest appearance v Brixham, taking 2 for 40 off 8 overs of hostile bowling

Pete Hensor’s classy 24 n.o. and 1/23 v Brixham, his 22 n.o. v Plympton and – of course – his special skills as a captain.

Jules Fawkes forgetting to bring the radar to Stokeinteignhead, with four Exeter School boys in the same side......”do what I say, not what I do” Jules was heard to mutter.

We played 9, won 7 and lost 2. That’s a good record – well done to all involved.

We came second in the league – 4 points behind Chudleigh. Perhaps we could have won the league if we had not been forced to concede a game against Chudleigh (only 4 players were available, due to a Uni game, a Devon Cup game and East Devon youth fixtures) and if we hadn’t been rained off half way through the last game against Plympton.

We’ll just have to win it next year, with another batch of young players coming through. Bring it on.

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