SDL XI vs Chudleigh

by Pat Steward

12 points for Exeter, having  scored 215 and bowled Chudleigh out for 154


11 the number of times Dave Richardson complained about being ill


10 men went to Chudleigh


9 men batted (for Exeter)


8 overs for David Richardson, 1 for 21; the number of the Chudleigh batsman (D Mordis) who scored 55 and almost took the game away from Exeter


7 The number of Exeter players with a hangover

6 Exeter players were bowled out, on a low, slow Chudleigh wicket


5 times that Callum was dropped on his way to a big hundred


4 points to chudleigh; and the number of Exeter teams top of the table


3 wickets for 37 runs, in 8 overs, for Drew Smith


2 stumpings for Pat; 2 wickets each for Hensor and Still


1 man (Callum Still) got 146, without which Exeter would have scored about 70! There’s the difference!

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