Rob Williams to climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

by Richard Nelsey

Below is a message from Club player Rob Williams who is taking on Kilimanjaro this summer to try and raise some money for Charity.
Hello everyone!!! This summer I will be climbing Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, for Childreach International, a fantastic charity that works to provide the basic amenities for some of the poorest regions in the world to give their children a brighter and better f...uture. This is a fantastic charity so please donate as much as you can!! Any size of donation will be much appreciated! To raise money, I will also be doing a few other little things leading up to the climb, including embarrassing myself in numerous ways so please donate if you would like to see make a fool of myself! For more information, see the Childreach website:

If you would like to donate, please get in touch with me on 07825346831 or drop me an email at or visit 

Heres a list of what the money will be spent on:
£7 provides a child access to a team of health professionals in rural Nepal.
£16 provides a child with books vital to their learning, supporting them throughout their entire primary school education.
£90 provides enough to feed a school for 3 months
£100 provides 5 children in danger from abuse and exploitation with support from our children’s development and empowerment programme.
£873 provides 300 maths and English text books for a primary school
£1800 provides 10 new toilet blocks in a Tanzania primary school, providing 270 children with a healthier environment to learn in.
£15909 provides a whole village with drinking water.

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