1st XI vs Brixham

by Callum Still

The 1st XI looked to extend their unbeaten run, as they headed up to Brixham. It looked certain to rain at some stage, so when Big Skip (Tipper) won the toss, he chose to bowl first quicker than Whitey can call off an Exeter midweek match.

The Angry fella (Mead) had them darting around Phil Taylor style early, but couldn’t get a breakthrough. A left field decision to throw the new nut to the Real Aussie (Norwood), bore fruits like a Balinese Banana plantation. The Bombsman (Norwood, 2/20 off 4) struck out the Brixham top order with some Red-Sox style curve balls early on.

Despite the wicket playing like a scene from Hurt Locker, the Brixham boys dropped anchor and managed to grind out the new ball and were 2/117. The Spin Twins (Still and Gribble) were thrown the ball, looking to stem the flow of runs through the middle-earth of the innings. Kiwi (Still 3/50 off 15) battled it out Mordor style when he came up against a fellow Hobbit from his homeland (Brixham overseas M. Stringfellow 61), who eventually fell to long serving leader Margret Thatcher (Gribble), managing the economy well with 3/24 off 15.

Angry (Mead 2/27 off 9.3) cleaned up the tail with the last 2 wickets, and was understandably fined post-match for celebrating harder than an Icelandic Stjarnan footballer…

In all it was a good effort to restrict Brixham all out for 176, but it was never going to be easy batting second on a dodgy one. The Arctic Fox (Wilkinson 7), has been smashin’ ‘em all season, and the Muay Thai fighter (Webb 25) was throwing elbows at the opposition at every opportunity, but they couldn’t combat some strong early bowling from the Brixham boys. Baden got a bit of his own back with low curve ball first up, and we’re up the River Plym without a paddle at 3/50.

Simba (Lenygon 13), was King of the Jungle against Brixham last year, but got a worm-burner, and you could have parked a Jeep between the ball and bat when Saf (Viljoen 0) was triggered caught behind on a shocker, the idea of rain started to sound pretty sweet at 5/86. As the clock struck midnight, and the torrential rain turned to hail, the umpires finally decided it was probably time to pull stumps, costing Angry (Mead 15 not out) what he declared, a certain century.

With a fist full of bowling points, and having scraped to 5/100, we were happy to bring 12 points back to the table from the eventually abandoned game up at Brixham.

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